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We believe test automation doesn’t need to be a custom software development every time a test is needed.

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Here are some of our core beliefs

Many test are very similar. We can detect core patterns and introduce AI to deploy the same test development across diverse applications.

That’s why tests exist after all! No product and no company is free of errors. We embrace mistakes and learn from them.
We are results driven. Having simple and insightful indicators helps the team stay focused and motivated.
Lacetech Beliefs

Our journey so far…

Meet the team

Julian Tinoco
Julian TinocoFounder
Julian has extensive experience as a full-stack web and app developer and more recently as a full-fledged QA and test automation project leader.
EdwinLead Developer
Edwin joined Lacetech to handle complex development and integration projects. He come with years of experience programming in PHP and C++.
JuanFractional CMO and Advisor
Juan joined Lacetech as an investor and advisor in marketing, revenue acceleration and growth. He comes with over a decade of Marketing experience across many industries.

“Our vision is to democratize test automation. This means developers can rely on our SaaS platform to detect errors so they can focus on improvements. They won’t need to do custom tests any more.”

Julian Tinoco

Founder – Lacetech

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“OLA was a great discovery for us. It’s helping us in reducing time spent in redundant and tedious testing. Now we just take a quick look at the reports and make the fixes needed.”

Andres Gonzalez

Co-founder & CTO

Let’s automate some tests

It’s time to kick the tires and try our test automation products: OLA and ADA

“I tried OLA to see it’s capabilities and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works and that it’s a unique solution. I can see the value of this product”

George Anderson

Web designer

  • OLA

Online Layout Analyzer

  • ADA

Automated Forms Tester